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This was the school year I was supposed to spend as a bohemian in Manhattan. Rent would be paid in advance, so all I would have to do temp around the city for food and utility money and enjoy an internship at the Sesame Workshop.
However, I was robbed of a substantial amount of my financial aid and all plans are dashed.
This week the pang of living in the conservative environment of a Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin has gotten to me. Before, I had the new school year to look forward to, but now I see I must make a mad dash out of here before I get stuck here!
As I watched Across the Universe last night, I thought of my artist life in San Francisco and how happy I was there. There was the rent monster I had to worry about every month, but at least I had a fantastic playground to venture into.
I’m going to try one more attempt to live in LA and make the best of it. I’ll intern somewhere and hopefully be hired somewhere on a project I like. I can even resume my quest of trying to get into Disney Feature again. My student loans will be due in May and it would be good to meet the bills when they come.
I wonder where I should live this time? I would have to be a well serviced area like West Hollwood 90069. I think Loz Felix would be a good choice. There is a pretty tree lined street with cute shops and cafes that services the neighborhood. Judy Garland’s old house is there. I would also need a new car. Another Zouzou in the form of a Toyota Matrix. I wish they would make those vehicles CNG compatible.
So LA it is. It may be Hellish but there’s one thing about LA: the studios pay you enough to take a vacation to a far away place like New York when you really need an escape.

Below is a walk though film my friend Preston made of his new apartment in San Francisco. It’s so inspiring I could cry.


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