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Happy Birthday Rumiko Takahashi

Happy Birthday, you wonderful inspiring mangaka goddess you!

Thanks for writing two of literati’s greatest jerks Ranma and Inuyasha.

Thanks for making stories about girls who like to tame bad-boys! You know they are irresistible. Every girl should have at least on in her dating repertoire before she marries Mr. Stoic. In fact you made the outcome better, because your heroines gets to MARRY the tamed jerk who still provides endless entertainment as marriage life storms on. Life will never be bore of a grind for Akane and Kagome.

What a refreshing twist. Ever notice that women writers always provide entertaining love interests for their heroines? Rumiko Takahashi, Margret Mitchell, and Candace Bushnell would never let their heroines settle for an omega male. That’s a male fantasy–which unfortunately sells.

More of that later.

Enjoy some nice pics from our fabulous mangaka’s work!


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