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Where is the Great Pumpkin?

I’ve been scouring ABC schedule for weeks and still no air date for “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”. I don’t care of I already have the cartoon on DVD. I like to see it on telly!

The seasonal Charlie Brown specials aren’t just shows to me, they are spirit of the season and they put me in the holiday spirit!
So where is my tv special ABC? You’d better fess up or I shall make COPIOUS Noise!

As I search, enjoy these nice Charlie Brown websites:

Great Pumpkin Quiz

Great Pumpkin Website

There are several websites that say the Great Pumpkin will air on Tuesday October 28.


Great Pumpkin will air on the 28 at 8pm!

Phew! Some years I miss the special. Thank goodness for Microsoft Entourage’s calendar feature! I rue the day it leaves network television forever. Hopefully that won’t be in my lifetime.

Now I can stock up on candy corn and prepare for a great evening!


I even had a full blown pumpkin patch one year at my old house and I regret that I was too chicken to spend the night in it to wait for the Great Pumpkin—even with my dog!

I regret that. Ah well life goes on and one day I will grow another pumpkin patch that will me the sincerest of all!


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