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After Effects Sequences: The Collective Conscious and Giants

For darling teacher, a challenging final projects.
After Effects will be used primarily for the following scenes.

The Collective Conscious. The easiest, but I would have to leave Nevada to gather the reference for it.
I can use depth fog on this one. I’m sure there are other techniques like nesting multimedia clips comps within comps and lots of masks for this scene. I am still looking of the perfect art opening to film for this sequence.

Giants. I can use the Las Vegas strip for this sequence, despite the storyboard indicating the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.
I can use track mattes and a technique similar to the Federal Building push in this one.

Teacher Wisdom:

I Still need:
You to Pick your shot(s) and submit Word document or PDF that contains
An overview of the action and content of the shot
An estimate of the total duration of the composite(s)
A description of the camera movement for each shot
A description of direction and quality of light.
A description of all effects or compositing techniques
Reference images that will assist you in visualizing general color

I don’t need
General timing notes of any events since your animatic covers this
A storyboard frame sketch. But you might as well include it for the shots you choose

Finally, I want to encourage you to choose a longer shot if you can, or produce more length than is required for the “snap cuts” in your edit. For vfx compositing jobs, 5-10 second shots are a rough minimum duration. Noone is fooled into thinking you’re a great compositor by exciting editing. Make sense?


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