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Collective Conssciousness FG plate

Actually this is more of a BG plate. I goofed.
This set reflects an awesome art installation at the Walter McBean gallery in 1992. It was pretty innovative for its time. It featured a circuit board walkway and vintage televisions displaying 50’s commercials. The show was a hit and I’ve seen many subsequent shows of it’s like since then. Cowboy Bebop even used a similar technique in one of it’s episodes. Portraying this set up may seem redundant now, but that’s tough. The installation still in habits my mind and it’s not going to leave until I use it in something. So here ya go!


One response to “Collective Conssciousness FG plate

  1. allen mez November 18, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    Cool. The urban images on Google maps often look like circuit boards to me.

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