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44th President Barak Obama.

Oh Goddess…thank you.

Barak Obama has won!
I’m so happy. My self esteem has skyrocketed a godzillion fold.

Thank you thank you thank you powers that be.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

(11-04) 20:19 PST SAN FRANCISCO — Democrat Barack Obama became the first African American to win the presidency tonight, with California’s 55 electoral votes helping to put him over the top.
Obama supporters hold up a sign which reads “We Have Over…William Bouwens (right) helps his mother, Alice Bouwens, …Sen. John McCain, accompanied by his wife, Cindy, places … View More Images
Campaign 2008

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The news was met with jubilation by tens of thousands of Obama supporters who gathered at Grant Park in Chicago, where the 47-year-old president-elect was expected to give an election night victory speech.

The freshman senator from Illinois picked off battleground states including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia in defeating his GOP rival, John McCain.

Ohio was an especially devastating loss for McCain. No Republican has ever won the presidency while losing the state, and Ohio put President Bush over the top in his re-election campaign four years ago.

The returns in Pennsylvania represented another blow for McCain. He and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, had invested considerable energy in trying to pry Pennsylvania away from the Democrats, identifying it as the most likely of the states that Democrat John Kerry won in 2004 to go red this year.

When California and other West Coast polls closed at 8 p.m., projections showed that Obama and running mate Joe Biden had topped the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

In Florida, the epicenter of the 2000 presidential campaign and a battleground again this year, Obama held a narrow lead. The state has not gone Democratic since Bill Clinton won it in 1996.

In Virginia, where Democrats had endured a 44-year presidential drought, Obama nosed ahead late in the evening and was projected the winner.

Florida and Virginia aside, the Republican ticket was winning much of the South. But the Northeast and most of the upper Midwest was Democratic blue, and Obama was winning states such as Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa that went for Bush in 2004.

McCain held a slim lead in Missouri, the ultimate bellwether in the United States that in the past century has voted for every winning presidential candidate except once, in 1956, when voters in the Show Me State picked Adlai Stevenson over Dwight Eisenhower.

In the national popular vote, Obama was leading, 51 to 48 percent.

Voters across the country swarmed to the polls, with some people lining up before dawn to cast ballots in this groundbreaking election. Millions of Americans already voted before the polls opened.

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