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A More Romantic Term for Civil Union

The dreaded Prop 8 amendment which make marriage exclusive to heterosexual couples has passed in California. I am truly saddened by this callous decision by the religious right and I ashamed that “my people” tipped the scales in its favor at the poles.

How can Blacks and Latino deny rights to other minority groups. The gay community supported Black causes. How rude to not granted the same support in return!

Until LGBT community gets it “Obama Day”, I say we should just make the best of Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships. Pity the name is so ugly.

Adam: I have a Civil Union with Steve.

Steve: Adam is my domestic partner.

I would prefer something more romantic wouldn’t you? How about Elf Quest’s term for domestic partner: Life Mate

Or how about Great Love or simply my Love.

Lilith: I am wedded to Eve

Eve: my Great Love is Lilith.

I’m going to ponder this a bit more over a nice plate of cookies. In the meantime, I encourage all loving suggestions.


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