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I Didn’t Know We Lost Stan Winston

I remember there being a million articles about him around May and June, one in particular about how the artist of the ILM gave him a standing ovation when he entered the studio one day. I do not, however, remember a memorial for him in the paper.
Then again… SFGATE is notorious for not honoring production crews in it pages. I was livid when Chuck Jones was ignored.

Well, I’m sorry I missed this incredible artist’s passing. I can’t blame everything on the San Francisco papers, my online newsgroups must’ve said something and I missed it. I must thank TCM, for including Mr. Winston in their memorial.

Now all I want to so is watch is Jurassic Park—no matter how much those Velociraptors scare me.
Thanks for your contribution to the visual effects world, Mr. Winston. A painful hole is growing in my heart in your honor.


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