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I keep forgetting the name of this film about a muslim boy who was raised by a Jewish godmother. It plagues my mind every once in a while because my psyche insists that the mother is played by Romy Scheider, whereas she’s actually played by Simone Signoret.

Madame Rosa

Vie devant soi, La

Director Moshé Mizrahi
Writers:Romain Gary (novel)
Moshé Mizrahi (adaptation)
Release Date: 19 March 1978 (USA) more
Genre:Drama more

Great film about a Jewish lady who raised her adopted Arab son as a Muslim in Paris. Proof that the two cultures DO have a lot of respect for each other and can happily co-exist despite the Palestine/Israel conflict. The film has no mention about the strife in Western Asia, but seeing how these two characters love one another, a body can’t help but feel hopeful.

There was a later film inspires by the character Momo in this tale called Monsieur Ibrahim with the great Omar Shariff. The latter film will always pop up on a Google search first.


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