The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Final Composite

It doesn’t look like much at this scale does it? It’s much more impressive in full HD. It is a very stylized comp with plenty of negative space for showing off characters. However my teacher would as much of the following added:

A consistent implication of direction and quality of light throughout the composite, or each light source.
The intelligent application of pre-renders, and pre-composites, where needed.
The use of Expressions and controllers to reduce the overhead of tweaking settings and effects.
Composed entirely of elements that you create, via Photoshop, Maya, After Effects, Digital Camera, or conventional art. Use of any of the elements provided on the disk set for this class will result in a deduction of one letter grade.
A consistence of film grain or digital noise across all elements and footage.
Depth fog.
Static depth of field effect or moving point of focus.
Rotoscope masking of a moving object (footage).
Green/blue screen extraction of a moving object (footage).
CG shadows.
Secondary light.
The use of luminance maps to drive complex effects, or to define the transparency of high contrast layers.
Color corrected elements that are appropriate for their surroundings, both local and global, within your composite.
The use of traveling mattes.
The use of motion tracking, or image stabilization.
Atmospheric effects, like clouds.
Careful maintenance of the histogram of your levels, avoiding clipping of high levels, and crushed blacks unless intentional.


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