The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Atmospheric Planning

Greetings Mr. Garrou,
my plans for an atmospheric effect is minimal for my final composite. A simple overlay to simulate the touch screen in Minority Report will do. There are so many elements in the scene that an atmospheric effect it would only clutter it.. However, I will use atmospheric effects quite heavily throughout the rest of the film.

The first act of the film is hand drawn. After Effects do not apply.

Scene 11, Detour Through Your Mind –Super Saver through your Mind: The mesh warp will be used on Kate and Cindy as they introduce the virtual world at the first turning point of the film.

Scene 17, The Horse with no Mane: (Henry’s Composite Class Final) a series of overlays reminiscent of a circuit board and the Walter Mc Bean Gallery installation of 1992 Spring season. A film grain may be appropriate for this scene so long as it does not conflict with the characters and eye direction.

Scene 18, Further Into the Gloom: A depth fog will be used immediately after this scene when the characters disappear in to a gloom and reappear in different costumes in the succeeding scene.

From Animatress

Scene 22, Suddenly we realize we are no more: A film grain atmospheric effect would be great.

Scenes 23-27, Here to now sequence: Fractal noise would be good “”

Scenes 28-32, The Giants sequence (live action and hand drawn animation): this sequence would use every trick we learned in class except for fire. Track mattes, motion trackers, luma mattes—you name it. Pity I didn’t have a camera to produce it for your Henry. However, rest assured that you efforts will be channeled into this difficult sequence.

The Dr. Aaron Butterfly sequence is a handrawn cartoon, so AE will not be used for it.

From Animatress

Scenes 48-53 Green Octopus: this sequence is very atmosphere effect heavy. The scenes take place under water. I’m not sure how to go about it other than using your favorite fractal noise filter. I would love to know your thoughts Henry.

Resolution of the film returns to hand drawn animation.


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