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Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve I feel a bit more thankful than joyous. I feel ashamed for living with my mother, yet I am thankful for not having to pay rent. All of my books, artwork and blinking black boxes are safe. Most of all, my darling cat Pita has a permanent home.

I am very thankful for what I already have. Computers, art supplies, internet access and food. Sure I would like to be living in Greenwich Village and working on Sesame Street right now and paying my bills, but that can happen next year.

I guess I am hopeful for the New Year. It will be 2009 and there will be a new president, my graduation and hopefully a new job. The economic situation in America is going to worsen before it gets better, but it does not mean that I should give up. I’ll just have to try a bit harder and be more clever. I refuse to let the possibility of a New York adventure go. What a thrill it would be to live in the world’s largest artist community. Also there is the completion of my first graphic novel. I’m very excited about that! Imagine! Me, a self published author! All this must be done before I am nominated to an exotic host country!

2009 looks hopeful. It will be a year of getting things done.

Merry Christmouse!


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