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Just happened upon the article below. Now I know why recruiters use fancy names for the simplest jobs. I think it only scares away the most experienced candidates because they are used to seeing the traditional titles of their jobs listed in the paper.

by Gabby Hyman,
American job titles and responsibilities are constantly morphing to suit the economic and cultural transitions of our madcap age. Euphemisms are often the way recruiters dress up old job titles to narrow the field to specialists. A “hash slinger” is now termed a “culinary resource professional.” Kidding aside, today’s workers are often forced by marketplace realities to undergo at least one rapid job change over their adult lives. Many enroll at online colleges and trade schools to garner fresh skills that fit their experience and previous training

You have no idea how many non-LA animation studios call an animators position some ridiculous thing like ‘Director of Technical Specialist’—instead of just animator, or character designer or storyboard artist etc. How hard is it to look on the Dreamworks production roster and find out the proper terms for studio positions? If you don’t want to be a spy–call the friggin’ Animation Guild!
Dear recruiter, the term “Director” or any kind of authority title is a good way to chase away an artist from an experienced non-manager postion. Oh and not using the word “artist” is an instant passover too.
If you want all those super trained and fabulous people from the LA big 5 to work for you, dear recruiter, you need to use LA job terms. The best animators will continue to apply for jobs via word of mouth, therefore your project will continue to look like the trite lifeless robotic tripe that the left-brained programmer you ended up hiring for the job can produce.
Never leave out the term ‘artist’ in your job descriptions. The term does not automatically mean “flake” and anyone trained in LA will convice you of that.


Frustrated Commercial Artist


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