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Should we all become Mathematicians?

Those with degrees in subjects like Law, mathematics and economics can expect earnings around 25% higher than average. But returns in other subjects are sharply lower. Social studies brings a 10% premium. Education and languages may have returns close to zero. On average arts degrees show a negative return.ā€
-Labour Market Trends (

I’ve been doing some research on recession proof industries. As I searched it seems that the one subject I could not master in school reared it’s ugly head again as if to nag, “I told you so”.
Math seems to be the only way to survive in this world–or for those who are non-Black sexually receptive females, to marry a mathematician. I also thought of a commercial that aired during the olympics that featured a Black man that I would actually marry, who talked about how the math and physics industry is sorely in need of graduates. My response was, there should math teachers out there who can actually teach the subject to people who are visually oriented and perhaps there would be fewer art graduates and more engineers. I imagine many chemical and aerospace firms have read heavy metal magazine and said, “now if only this writer could’ve invented this product for us!”

If only that writer could’ve been allowed to skip Algebra 2 and move on to visual maths of Geometry and Trig as Temple Grandin suggested.

I’m going to find that commercial to return to finish this rant later.


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