The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Kate Makeup

The first of many revisions. This is the look I want, but my teacther insists on sub-surface scattering and a fake skin shader network. Until I figure those techniques out, here’s Kate with a regular texture map.

Sub-surface scattering is turning into a pain.

ARRGH! Why isn’t in rendering! There’s a missing node somewhere, but what channel would I plug the file into once I create it? GRRRR! I hate incomplete tutorials that are non-visual! I’m all for improved reading comprehension but something as complicated as shading networks should always be taught with visual aids–like a visual that represents the network! Oh, lament!

However, Digital Tutors simpler sub-scattering method gave me a great toon shader:) I just love digital tutors and their models are always appealing to look at unlike Gnomon. Gnomon may have superior info, but you’ll see their frightening models in yur dreams for weeks!
Happily, Digital Tutors follows the Disney /40’s aesthetic. So your life will always be filled with prettyness:)

Fake Skin Shader


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