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Plants Love Tea Grounds and Cat Food

I hope my mom won’t murder my container garden via neglect while I’m away in New York.
The pumpkin I planted last fall has popped up for the warm weather and is growing nicely.

The one upside to 95degree weather is that pumpkins love this climate and grow a foot a day if their soil is yummy enough. I fed the pumpkin’s jasmine roommate lots of tea grounds and left over cat food throughout last winter and it’s making the plants very happy. I just hope they’ll continue to be happy without me to care for them.

My mom used to have a green thumb, but she seems to have given up the hobby for cable tv.

I just gave the lavender some left over “Tuna for Cats” from Trader Joes. Hopefully that will encourage it to flower.

Pita, my cat knows that I am up to something. He’s been distancing himself from me and giving me the fisheye. Does he fear abandonment? It’s not like he’ll be lonely, he loves my mom.

Or could it be that he knows that I am the one who cleans his litter box washes his food dishes? I think he’s going to freak without his faithful custodian.

Next Saturday at this time I will en route to New York. I’m no longer excited. The prospect of living in a hotel and various livingroom floors for 3 months does not make me happy. The internship at the Sesame Workshop is the only saving grace of this adventure. I just hope that my best is indeed good enough and will reopen a lot of doors that have been closed to me since leaving LA. Here’s hoping and here’s to one last week in my own bed:(


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