The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Summer at the Sesame Workshop

The giggliest place on Earth.

Sesame Lobby

The Electric Company, 2nd floor.

Rainy day on the set.

Todd, my animation producer! His voice sounds very close to Mr. Pannone’s. No wonder I am so comfortable around him. I need to call Mr. Pannone for a nice chat. I miss Mr. Pannone and I miss Mrs. Pannone so very much:*(

The Sesame Street licensing, 3rd floor.

The cublicles here are filled with the greatest Sesame swag. I wonder if they ever revived the Bert and Ernie radio I had as a kid?

Just because you work on a kiddie show, doesn’t mean you can’t like the action adventure genre like the Transformers:)

The land of art supplies! I always find my center here.

Conference room with a Lincoln Center and Julliard view.

Japan loves Sesame. There are promotional posters and well done fan art from all over the world throughout the office.

Elmo leads you back down to the 2nd floor..


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