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My Walk Home

Central Park West is a lovely stroll home. Enjoy the Ashanti “Day in Pictures”.

It rains every day in New York and I have yet to buy an umbrella. The rain is warm, so perhaps that’s why I haven’t made the splurge.

Our Gothic friend the Dakota.

The Central Park entrance to the Natural History Museum:)

Can you imagine owning one of these apartments? Whatta dream that would be!

The castles that dot the area are a reminder that New York was once New Amsterdam. They make you want to visit Holland.

Past 96th avenue, the Upper West Side becomes less glamourous as it transitions into Harlem. Note the projects. They seem to be quiet but the sloths who hang about outside aren’t very inspiring. Especially since they’re “my people”. Why are so many Blacks stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty? Education, congeniality and family planning. That’s all it takes to change your life around for the better! Stop blaming everyone else for your misery!

There are still little treasures here and there to remind you that you are in magical New York despite the presence of the projects. Castles, bridges and of course the fantastic Central Park for comfort.

My steet; Adam Clayton Powell (7th street)

My building. Be it ever so humble…however it doesn’t feel like home. Y’know, I actually wouldn’t mind going back to LA at the end of the summer if it means chance to live in a chic area. Really. I mean it.


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