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Summer Home in NYC-For Mommy Sake

This is for my mom to calm her nerves about where I live. It’s not much but it’s a roof over my head while I angle my way into more bohemian areas like Greenwich Village and Alphabet City.

An artist can turn any space into a jewelry box. However, I’m a bit tired of investing my money and talent in roommate spaces. Especially when I’m told that I am too soft for the neighborhood.

In this room so far, I’ve been attacked my spiders, mosquitoes and bed bugs, who only like to dine on me. My roommates think I got the bugs from a hostel. I beg to differ, for the hostel was thoroughly cleaned everyday-sheets, mattresses and all everyday. Either that, or I was allergic to the original bed that was in here which had a thin mattress and was probably made with non-hypoallergenic materials.

Everything is cheap in this house. Nothing I repair, mind you will be shoddily done. I won’t spend a mint like I did on the renovation of my mom’s old house, but for good karma’s sake I’ll leave my room better than the way I found it.

You can tell by the decor of the rest of the house that very little though went into the durability of the materials used to repair it.

It reminds me of my dad’s house. Very dark and little evidence that a woman lived there. 3 woman live here and you would never know it. Sub-Saharan African sculptures are fine, but they needn’t be so numerous that they make the area dark and foreboding. My mom’s friend has a lovely house in Los Altos filled sculptures like these. However, their great room is open and cheerful, this is not. I won’t bother to teach my head roommate how to decorate. I don’t plan to stay long. I’ll just paint and calk my room so I can sleep in peace without the worry of being a bug dinner.

Never hand art without frames unless it’s in a live/work space. It’s tacky. Presentation is important. Detail darling, detail…

Don’t get me started on this. There are many other examples of disrepair in the flat. I hear this is normal for NYC. The pristine clean freshly painted apartments that are standard in California are considered luxury here and you have to be rich to enjoy them.

The tear in the wall below is my fault. There were all these tacky mirrors on the wall affixed with double tape. VEry 70’s decor. This hole is the result of my first tear down with Goo Gone and a palette knife. I didn’t know how the mirrors were affixed at first so I had to just rip it off the wall and find out. One casualty out of 18. Not bad and nothing that a bit of spackle and a wall patch won’t fix.

The first season of the Apprentice comes to mind. There was an assignment where the contestants had to renovate an apartment and Mr. Trump advised that when selling a space to the rich, one must resolve the details. Very true, Donald, but in California that is called common decency that is practiced by all. You buy your own refrigerator, clean the carpets and paint your apartment before you leave.
Plain and simple.


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