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NYC People Watching: Chelsea, Tribeca and The West Village

More greetings from Central Park’s Phoenix…at least I think this is Phoenix. This horse is probably saying, “I’m not Phoenix, ask my driver for my name, foo!” “Now, where’s my apple?”

“Pet me!”

Anyhoo, all kidding aside, to me, NYC gets more interesting as you cross 23rd street heading downtown. It’s where all the students and bohemians are! Or at least all the Bohos converge there. These riders started out of Harlem but everyone departs between the 23rd Street and Canal stations on the A and 1 lines.

23rd is the heart of Chelsea. An up and coming neighborhood full of artists and galleries.

Gasp! What’s this?! A NYC grocery store with aisles wide enough to stoop over and pick up items in. Your shoulder bag will fit down the aisles too! You don’t have to play bowling for strollers in the Garden of Eden grocery shop:)

Chelsea also has the Burlington coat factory within it’s borders! Cheap SOCKS!

The famous Hotel Chelsea which sheltered many a great writer.

Back on the train to Tribeca..

NYU summer students. One with a cute Italian greyhound:)

A Lisa Bonet type student who got off at West 4th street at the heart of Greenwich Village and Washington Square park as predicted.

I wanted to do the Flahdance “maniasc dance” when I saw these lofts, but I restrained my enthusiasm for the benefit of those around me.

It’s difficult to know when you’re in TriBeCa. It’s mainly a neighborhood of converted warehouses. I have yet to find the main drag with all the shops. So, I just wandered around Washington street, the Hudson River hwy and up to Greenwich Blvd and walked towards the lights of what I believed to be the main drag, but perhaps it was really the outskirts of Greenwich Village. I hit Bleecker, so that may be so.

The Biography Bookshop marks the transition to Greenwich Village I think. It’s difficult for me to tell what is Tribeca and what is Greenwich at this point. I’ll get better with practice. I actually just reviewed my guidebook and the commerce center of Tribeca is closer to World Trade Center’s Ground Zero. I’m afraid to go there. Too many sad ghosts. However, 23rd street and below is my favorite part of Manhattan, so I will have many chances to sharpen my NYC navigation skills and tip toe around lower Tribeca with the greatest possible respect I can muster.

Charming couple on the A train back to Harlem/Morningside.


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