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Flash Layout: D2C Games, Strange Cases

There is no underscore for this piece. Who ever heard of timing to no underscore or voice track? Sheesh. Needless to say I argued a lot with my original producer in regards to timing and how long the panels were supposed to hold. There was no precedent. I made all the mistakes for subsequent artists benefit. A canary in a coal mine.
Voice track and/ or music first THEN do animate. I argue and “sell” my logic–especially when it is grounded in tried and true methods passed down unchanged and unbroken from the dawn of the medium. Start up content for cash companies have cheating philosophies and expect their employes to roll over on their bellies to obey and blindly follow.

I improvise but I do not cheat. I am flexible and take direction well, but I am not a good sheep.

Strange Case (my timing version) by Steve Niles. Prodcued by D2C Games


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