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How to Lose 25 Pounds in NYC

Eat your treats ( milk and cookie and cold cereal) on the weekends and live on creative veggie recipes during the week! I survived on a $15 a week grocery allowance. I was on a liquid tea and coffee diet at work and ate veggie curry dishes and invented the yummy recipe below from the left overs:)

Sweet Potatoes, Oilive Oil Stir Fry

One half large sweet potato chopped into “steaks”

Chopped white onion and green onion

Stir fry over medium heat and sprinkle with brown sugar.

You can add white potatoes too if you can afford them.


Fried eggs and chardonnay are good pairings.

Top Ramen with green onion..mmmmmm. However, ramen contains so much salt that it’s not good to eat over an extended period of time. I usually eat it when I have a salt craving ( that time of the month) which really means: I want iron. A single meal of a thick steak with spinach and turnips usually cures that.

Another way to live on small grocery budget is to shop in Chinatown. When I had a $25 budget, I would buy chopped ham and snow peas which are really cheap there, and make a stir fry with olive oil. Chinatown is great for a straight meat and veggie diet. You can go to a big chain store for your Oreos and Cheezits if you have an uncontrollable craving for comfort food. For cheaper, healthier alternatives to American standard comfort food, ginger preserves from Trader Joes makes the ground pork and snow pea stir fry dish extra yummy and it quells your cravings for sweets!

Oh, and don’t forget the $3 buck Chuck Chaddonay and a $6 Ruby port with \Caramellos. Save those two treats for your menstrual cycle girls. Drinking screws up your metabolism and you’ll never work off the weight!

Last but not least, sprinkle Trader Joes trail mix (without chocolate bits) on any of the recipes above for yumerific texture!

Good Appetite!


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