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Cooking with Leeks

Cooking with Leaks
I got the idea of cooking with leaks from an anime called Fruits Basket. Tohru the young heroine seen as a matriarch in a household of men, made vegetable dishes. that were most yummy. The family of guys loved her Hestian skills so much, that she was given room and board in exchange.

Every time I watch that cartoon I get hungry and start jonesing for the kitchen. Ranma 1/2 has the same effect on me every time Kasumi sends Akane out for ingredients. I lived in Chinatown when I lived in San Francisco, so I got in the habit of shopping daily for fresh ingredients for my evening meals. In contrast I grew up on of stocked up on packaged food method of meal preparation. Not only does food spoil ( mom liked to leave the groceries untouched for a a few days so she can look at them and dream we will always have plenty), but it was downright not good or you. A Stouffer’s lasagna will expand your waistline considerably.

As an artist in a feat or famine industry, I have to get the most bang for my buck nutrition wise. Therefore I eat more veggies as a daily staple and I prepare meat about once a week on Friday night and prepare it with the utmost care.

My latest recipe is Chicken Tohru because of the leeks:

2 Chicken Breast cooked on medium heat in a uncovered pan in olive oil.
when the chicken is halfway done, add leeks.
Let them cook and converse until the leeks are just pliable enough to swim happily in the broth the chicken and olive oil have made.

Enjoy with a freezing cold glass of water.

Me tested. Cat approved.


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