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Senator Kennedy Died

An emotional free write:

I know he was suffering from his illness, but it is still sad to see him go. He’s had his regrettable moments in life, but be darned if he didn’t repent for them. He more than made up for his mistakes with his stalwart public service. What a sweetheart of a man.

All I can do is cry now. Are there any more Kennedy’s left? I don’t know much about the Kennedy family. I do believe Teddy was the last boy of that generation. Who will step in Ted’s shoes and speak up for middle class and the striving poor? I know there are people out there, but who do we have left with that much power. Sure Mr. Obama is president, but a president can only have so much influence on the details of the American life.

Ted Kennedy’s passing makes me think of all the people who gave my scholarships to go to college. Eugene Hill, Donn Tatum. If I had siblings I would’ve gotten a Pell. Mr Pell died at the beginning of this year. I love you all and thank you all. This is one Black woman who did not turn out to be statistic. Yes, I said it. Thanks to my mentors and benefactors I did not become a statistic, the worst of my race.
I wonder who is need of a scholarship to go to Cal Arts, Sheridan or any other school they wish to attend? Will there still be commercials feature prominent minorities in non-entertainment fields like the physicist in the Chevron commercials that ran during 2008 Olympics? It’s about time I found out who else is holding the door for little guy to get ahead, now the possibly the last 60’s era Kennedy is gone. It’s time to find the mentors and benefactors on a municipal level. Are there still Mrs. Pannone’s, Russ Betancourts, Adrienne Scroggies, Rachel Sterns and Robert Calliers in the world. How many teachers out there really like their jobs? How many will go the extra mile to promote their students to college recruiters so they can win scholarships like Marsha Pannone and Frank Lilleth did?
If you judge by the listlessness of visible residents of the Harlem neighborhood I spent the summer, then I would say not enough, but not for long. I am a teacher now. And I will make sure my students will not fall through the cracks. People can stray on a college level too. I know I’m going to cry all night over Senator Kennedy, but when I wake up in the morning I’m going to do my part to to help lift the huge torch he left behind.

Pleasant journey, Mr. Kennedy:*(


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