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Layout and Color for T.Ray

Hello T.Ray. Consider your original image and apply the design principles of the adverts below to it. Think of a disciplined palette: neutral colors for the BG or at least choose a color that will unify the design. Work with tint, tone and shade as opposed to complimentary colors on BG elements. Save the stark contrasts for FG element.

Never cut off the feet on a design. Right now, the feet in your image has created a tangent with the bottom of the page. Tangents are a no-no. Go to to a life drawing workshop and study feet and their placement.

Choose an element or overall shape to unify your design. This is evident in all the images below. In conclusion, mind the scattered light sources in your original design. Take ‘Heads and Hands’ with Henry Yan for a directed study. He’ll bang the concept into your head. All the students he teaches come out awesome!

Here are 4 alternate layouts you can try:

This is a graphc novel I am reading right now with an amazing palette that helps tell the story. You can see my commentary on the book here.


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