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An Artist’s Garden

I used to have a beautiful house in Vallejo built by an Asian architect and a backyard filled with shrubs. It was a bit overgrown but I liked it that way. If ever I wanted to escape my mother all I had to do was lose myself in trees. I wonder how it’s doing now with the new owner?

I never should have sold this house. My mom and I live in a condo that is completely paid for in Las Vegas, but the HOA dues are nearly as high as the mortgage on our Vallejo house. I The house was falling apart, but it would’ve been mine. It was in an economically depressed area, but Napa was only a half hour away. Oh the country drives to the pear and peach orchard that sold delicious fresh pies for $4 in Fairfield! I regret selling “Tiffany” most of all, because I later found out that my mom has no problem keeping a roof over her head. It is I who has trouble paying for a place to rest my head. Poor Pasha should’ve been able to rest her head there until she died.
I could’ve stayed in my artist house, with every room painted a different color and an extra room for my library. I would’ve painted it copenhagen blue with a white ceiling with stars! My only consolation is that at least the house went to another artist. She’s an art teacher with San Francisco’s school district. I wonder of she works for SOTA? I also wonder if the house is up for sale again. With the budget cuts and next no art jobs in the Bay Area. Wouldn’t it be great if I could re-purchase my house where I can be a happy cartoonist with my quinces, magnolia tree and most since annual pumpkin patch in the world.


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