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Hawley Pratt and Tom O’loughlin for Paderna

Hello Justin

I’ve taken a few screen captures for you to help with your film. Your film is very-very simple and only has one scene, so I’m going to push you on design and help you make your film more “cinematic” for a single scene.

You’re going to hear this buzzword a lot in your portofolio critiques from studios. It’s used so often, I feel that it’s a term that many verbally lazy directors will use to describe a storyboard tests where a scene moves in front of a camera instead of the camera moving though the scene and taking audience along with it. Cinematic in the context of your single scene film, Justin, means using 2 and 3 point perspective to make the scene less flat and more interesting for the audience to view. 3 point perspective and forced angles also makes the audience feel that they exist within the scene as they sit in a dark theatre.

Hawley Pratt was rather conservative as an artist and didn’t force perspective as much as Maurice Noble, but his work is still effective. Therefore, he should be a good layout artist for you to imitate at your current skill level, Justin. Tom O’loughlin’s renderings can also be replicated in Flash or Illustrator to a certain extent. Just work in planes and values with very few lines. Lines can clutter up a BG and compete for attention with the character in most cases. O’Loughlin’s style will make your scene richer and give it a nice polish for a demo reel piece:)

I added this scene just because it’s so darn funny!

Another good cartoon with Hawley Pratt layouts and Tom O’Loughlin and Irv Wyner’s background renders is:

Hyde and Hare

These are all Friz’ cartoons:)


2 responses to “Hawley Pratt and Tom O’loughlin for Paderna

  1. Anonymous January 10, 2010 at 12:38 am

    "Didn't force perspective"…"A conservative artist"…I think this is an inaccurate way to describe Hawley Pratt and while I agree that his work provides great inspiration and tremendous lessons, I don't think it's for the beginner at all. Pratt's layouts are amazing and breathtaking. He's one of the greatest layout artists and art directors in film history.

  2. SoleilSmile January 10, 2010 at 7:34 am

    The perspective in Hawley Pratt's layouts are doable for the student I have in mind. Whereas Gribborek, Noble and the artist who laid out the Witch Hazel cartoons way out of the student's league. Pratt is wonderful and a genius, but the perspective in his layout can be fathomed on a student level–especially if he takes product drawing classes in the industrial design department at out school.IDS designers entire careers center around perspective.

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