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Perspective, the Math of Art

I have a good book on perspective to plug. It’s called Design Drawing and it’s created by the Umea industrial design school in Scandinavia.

Design Drawing

I think it’s good for all animators to learn perspective from an industrial designer, because those teachers really know how to bang the principles into your head. In most animation curriculums you usually get a BG layout to draw for a perspective lesson. That’s great and all but in product design drawing for instance, you drawing different props every week over a 10 hour homework period in addition to class lecture and workshop time which far more effective. It’s like SAT prep for perspective. Get the principles in your head with drills and THEN take the complicated layout class where you’ll do two drawings for one whole semester.

That’ll make it stick!

In addition there are great books like these. Enjoy the excerpts I’ve scanned and get your hands on this great book!


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