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I’ve Sold My First Painting

I’ve sold my first painting. It went so very fast. I uploaded to a craft site called Etsy and it was sold within a half hour. It was a bit of a shock. So shocking that I’m experiencing psuedo post-partum.
I hope the collector will take care of it. It is one of the prettier paintings from In Between Days. I appropriated my own version of Aquarelle Brazil from Disney’s Saludos Amigos and there were a lot of paintings created for it. The paintings for the comic series were getting kicked around and damaged in my house due to lack of c-files, so I’ve decided to sell them.
They’re priced to go and only $50 each. I don’t know how much I am worth as a painter, so i just charge for paint and labor. I’m not going to charge based on a name for while.
If anything, this will pay for my Amazon Booksurge fees. This way I can sell the graphic novel at a price people can afford. As of now my 275 paged graphic novel is going to cost my readers $80. Personally, I would never pay that much. I paid $15 for my Elf Quest Books as a teenager. I would like to charge the modern equivalent which around $30.
If a sell enough “babies” I will be able to pass the savings down to my customers which will make me fee warm and fuzzy inside. However, right now, I feel as though I am callously giving selling my children to the circus:(


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