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Detour Thru Your Mind Layout: Josie and the Pussycats spoof from Ashanti Miller on Vimeo.

A lot of work left to do here in layout. Some of the poses aren’t hooking up quite right with the run cycle. Also, Cindy’s run is really tight. Her run cycle was the first that I tackled and I stiffened up because I hadn’t animated a run in 10 years!

First, Cindy’s silhouette. Looking straight ahead does not create a good shape for the group run. The body is fine. The silhouette can be improved by a simple turn of the head in the opposite direction of what it is now. It will also support the gag of how the Dr. the trio is running away from reappears at the end of pan.

I can’t wait until the animation paper I ordered arrives. I can’t wait to(try) make the animation Milt Kahl smooth!

Second thing, the BG texture is suffers in the close up. I was going for a style I admired in the film Yuki 7, but it’s not working here. The Pink Panther floating books aren’t working either.
Lesson: don’t use a million styles in short time frames!


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