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Happy Valentines Day

There was one couple I knew who celebrated Valentines the way I fantasized as adults. Mr. and Mrs. Pannone would go to dinner and the ballet or some other performing arts venue and have a truly romantic time. None of this day of adventurous sex crap with an expensive dinner chaser that my dickhead ex-boyfriend pulled.
Mr. and Mrs. Pannone had the most perfect marriage. He was a musician and she was a former ballet dancer. Their marriage even ended like a ballet with Mrs. Pannone’s passing, not as ugly divorce. I so dreamt of a marriage like this one for myself, but could never find a man who respected me as much as Mr. Pannone respected his wife. I emulate them in the parents of my lead characters in my comic. I just finished a storyline where the middle daughter tries to follow in her parents footsteps with the perfect relationship leading to marriage yet failing.
Are such marriages in the past? Who knows? However, it would be nice to remain hopeful. I truly hope I find another couple who are as wonderful to each other as Mr. and Mrs. Pannone who live as though it was ballet-Valentines Day every day of their lives:)


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