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Valentines Day, 5h Grade Style

I always received Valentines joke cards. Y’know, the second grader ones with knock-knock jokes and candy. Valentines Day is a great day to show your friends that they are loved. When I am wealthier, i think I will start a tradition where I mail kiddie Valentine cards to cheer up my friends who are depressed around this holiday.
The adult version of Valentines Days doesn’t appeal to me. My first adult boyfriend years and years ago pretty much ruined to day for me in that respect. Valentines was a lot more fun for him than it was for me.
Therefore, I prefer to celebrate Valentines the 3rd-5th grade way. I always think of the afternoon party at school with my classmates and pot luck baked goods and my class seat at the rear of the room. It was next to the huge windows overlooking the Grand Lake theatre, the little park with the dry pond that would fill up on rainy days which illustrated my Peppermint Patty version of Oakland that no longer exists:)


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