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Who hurt my kitty?!

Who hurt my Pita-meow? I know he has a very loud meow, but that didn’t mean he deserved to be burned! What’s worse is that I didn’t realize anything happened until Pita’s fur fell off of him! I thought it was hot spots and rushed him to the vet for cortisone. What a surprise to hear that Pita suffered third degree burns which must’ve happened about 3 weeks ago!

The greatest mystery is: Pita has not left the house aside from sunning himself on the balcony within the last three weeks. About 8 weeks ago on January 3rd, I forced Pita to spend the night in courtyard with the other cats as a punishment for tantrum meowing. A neighbor took him in that night and spoiled the hell of him for she felt he was in distress, so I vowed that next time he threw a tantrum, he would stay on the balcony where no one can spoil him. Well, about two weeks ago, Pita threw another tantrum. Learning from previous experience I let him stay on the balcony for two days. This second round of tantrum meowing started when I let him out early one Saturday morning (per his own request) and decided not to let him in until I finished sleeping around 12:45 pm. Well, I guess he annoyed someone when my mom went out to run errands. All I know is that Pita bellowed for two days. But, how could he have burned from two stories below?

It’s a mystery.

Another theory is possibly the building maintenance crew. Did they wash down our building one day when mom and I were out at the same time ( which I think happened once in the 2.5 week period)and accidentally spray Pita with a power nozzle of hot water? I think we are the only condo dwellers in the complex with a balcony kitty, so they would not have known to be careful. The patio condo owners downstairs have patio kitties who come and go as they please in their apartments throughout the day, but I think Pita is the only balcony kitty.

I don’t know how this happened and I’m mad at myself for not noticing the injury until the fur fell out. Especially, since Pita sleeps just 8 feet away from me or practically UNDER my right side. I have been training him to sleep in a wing chair instead of right next to me as I painted in bed for his own safety before I knew of this injury. Little did I know that at that time, the chair set up and training worked against him. If he had been allowed to snuggle me as usual I would’ve noticed:(

Oh, Pita…I’m sorry. I’m not letting you out of my sight when you go out on the balcony from now on. Furthermore, you will only visit the balcony to use your second litter box (where he goes No.2). I know you will miss sunning yourself on the balcony furniture and meowing hello to everyone as they walk by. Your just too friendly for this neighborhood. Which is sad, because you’re just like the Piedmont cats I used to encounter with my daycare kids I would collect from school. The cats in Piedmont walk right up to passersby with they meowy hellos. I always wanted a cat like one of them and I have one. Pity, my current neighborhood cannot reciprocate Pita’s good manners.

-Meow 😦


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