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I always had health care, and now I’m proud that my constantly broken best friend can get treatment as well. There is a lot of speculation that health care reform will bankrupt our country, but I disagree so long as educational reforms in math and science are met.
The U.S. falls behind Asian nations in math and science, therefore we are indeed harded for ruin if we are not prepared for the future job markets. There won’t be so many people out of work if more people graduated high school with their math skills at grade level. Math should not be taught the same either. Temple Grandin suggested that visually oriented people should skip algebre 2 and head straight to geometry and trig. I must admit, I am better at fathoming geometry than FOIL in algebre 2. Once the visuals are on a student’s mind they can return to algrebre 2 and move on to calculus.

One thing I noticed that wealthier schools have are extracurricular actvities that math can be applied to. Perhaps that conservative tax payers would be more open to music programs in school if math was incorporated into the curriculum. That would be great for all art programs. Sacred Geometry can be incorporated into visual arts programs.

Then there’s the obesity epidemic. Bring sports back into schools. Let the kids eat their Doritos and then make them work it off in track and field:)

This is an awfully big laundry list for one term, or even two terms. Hopefully, health care reform will inspire more positive changes in our society.


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