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Pita is Healing!

The vet said that he would be scarred for life. The research I conducted said that the nerves or third degree burns are dead therefore no sense of touch can be felt. Yet, Pita proves them wrong! The skin that was effected by the burn has hardened and come off like scab (mostly due to Pita yanking at it) and underneath, new epidermis has grown! Hooray for Pita-Meow!

After the vet gave her evaluation of third degree burns and a possible thyroid condition, I stuffed Pita with canned food from Trader Joe’s and after he became disinterested in that (Pita prefers dry) he got Half n’ Half.

The reason why Pita gets milk is that I noticed that he links the fat off of canned cat food and leaves the meat. A recollection of an Animal Planet show on bears influenced the decision. Bears eat the fat from salmon and leave the flesh for scavengers in preparation for hibernation. Pita is only 8 pounds ( he used to be 14lbs) so I figured he needed all the the fat he could get. My online research revealed that cats should not be given milk because it loosens their stool. Well, in Pita’s case that’s a benefit, because he’s constipated. Therefore, the half and half and whole milk is prefect for him. After all, what’s more fattening than milk?

Pita still needs to be taken in for thyroid blood testing. I had previous financial obligations (tax preparation fees) so he had to go without being seen for a while. He’s fine, it’s just that he must be fattened up before he wastes away to nothing.
A body can suffer organ failure from being too thin.

Hang in there, Pita. Pay day is almost here. Then you can get the medicine you need and I can enjoy some peace of mind.


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