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Post Card from West Africa

I came across a post card Dad sent me from West Africa when he traveled there in the early 90’s

A disorganized free-write
The African-American community nowadays has an obsession with Ancient Egypt. I however, have an obsession with West Africa, especially the Yoruba people of Nigeria because they have so preserved history. West Africa is where most African-Americans are from as decedents of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and it’s a shame that the region is ignored. I don’t get it. Would Blacks be more attentive of there were gold temples and Pyramids dotting the landscape? Personally, I find trees animals and haromony with nature more appealing.
West Africa has a mild climate so there is no reason for great stone buildings. Actually, stone is rare in the region, so homes were made of wood and reeds. Inside the homes the walls are decorated with carvings. It pretty neat. Furthermore, this simple life style is nothing to be ashamed of at all:)
Ancient Egypt was a mix of many cultures and Blacks did rule it for while in pre-dynastic Egypt prior to 3100 B.C., especially the time before the West-Asian Hyksos conquered the region during the age of the Middle Kingdom. Even before the Greeks ruled for a time as well. Egypt’s imagination is an amalgamation of the contributions of so many cultures. All great civilizations are. However, I prefer to look to West Africa for my sense of pride. Sure the Sahel empire was shared with the Berbers, but no one can deny the contributions of the Nigerians, the Ashanti’s and the Senegalese among others who made a happy civilization of contented people. And they didn’t need big castles and beaded wigs to prove their sense of self worth.


One response to “Post Card from West Africa

  1. marshmallowmouse May 5, 2010 at 9:14 am

    I love the conclusion that solid monuments are overrated as a yardstick of "civilization." My Indian ancestors also did not build monuments or work in precious metals, but they also lived in harmony with nature. The "values" we are brainwashed with are prejudices against sustainability. The Ashanti tribe was one of the non-western cultures we rushed thru in my art-history education.

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