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A Shout Out to the Paul Mitchell Dance Competitors

You girls were AWESOME! You put every subsequent redition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies video to shame! Especially that awful performance on Glee who ignored the Principal of Isolation. You learn to move each part of your body as though it has no connection with the rest of body. A technique personified in the West by Katherine Dunham. The Glee kids flopped their heads around like Muppets in the isolate head and hand movement from the original Beyonce video.

There will always be prudes in the world that will disparage women from moving their floating girdles. Heck, in Afghanistan a woman is provocative for showing her sandaled feet! As a woman you will always have to worry about being seen as a sex object no matter what you do—even if you are married and follow all the rules if a Puritanical society. Remember, you may be Betty Crocker in the kitchen but, your husband sees you a Betty Page in the bedroom.

One possible way around this obsession with the female form is for more women to learn how to defend themselves with force. Xena could swing her hips all she wanted and we never heard of any nasty letters sent to Lucy Lawless and her producers. Yes, Lucy was old enough but quite another notion Xena can a horny assailant in half!

No one seems to mind when the boys of Newsies performed repeated pelvis thrusts in the first act of the film. No one at all. I was annoyed by it, because the move did not blend well with the rest of the choreography. I have a dance background. I notice these things.

Anyhoo, your performance was never meant to be seen by the general public. It was meant to be seen by the dance world who will judge your work based on technique. I both thank the curse the videographer to put the video up on Youtube. It should never be seen by those who will either be outraged or titillated by the routine. However, i am happy I got to see it because it obliterated the preconception in my African-American head that White girls can’t dance:)

You all did a very good job!


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