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Neurotic Cat Gets Me in Trouble

Looks like Pita is going to have a new owner soon. But first, a little history:


Pita’s odd behavior has a history with 3 owners. He was reused from a fire in Fairfax, Marin. The Ray and Ann Memzee adopted him. He hated them for some reason. I think he hates being the second cat in the household. After they moved to a new house, the yowling started. Not able to take it anymore, they gave Pita to me. I had him for 3 months, then moved my mother to LV and gave him back to the Memxies, who gave Pita to a friend. The friend moved and Pita was given back to me again with the promise that would keep him this time.
However, if you feel that me methods of retaining sanity while dealing with Pita’s behavior is too unorthodox, by all means take him. However, if you feel that you can not take care of him and do not know of anyone else who can. I will gladly except him back.

Left out in 115• weather: Pita insists on being let out at sometime during the day. We let him out on the relatively mild evenings in the summer and sometimes in the mornings if he is feeling sick ( vomiting). He sleeps on the tiles in foyer during the hottest time of day in the summer. We don’t know why he insists on being let out, but he will drive us crazy meowing at the balcony door if we do as he wishes. Our balcony is furnished, so Pita really has a comfortable space in the balcony with a container garden and water to keep cool.

Meowing: it’s a bad habit of Pita’s. A number of owner’s have given him up because of yowling. I have taken him to the vet to see if it is a medical problem. Dr. Steelman determined it may be a thyroid condition because Pita has also dropped weight since moving to Las Vegas. Then when he gained a few pounds, further test determined a kidney condition. That still doesn’t explain the yowling.

Meowing Part 2: What can it be? Pita is only happy when someone is in the same room with him. If you leave the room for a length of time, i.e. to wash dishes, Pita will yowl. He used to just follow me to the kitchen. I can’t figure out this behavior.

Vomiting: all cats vomit. Pita has seen the vet about it in both San Francisco with Dr. Wong and in LV with Dr. Steelman. There was no diagnosis. Pita is put outside when he vomits in the morning. If he vomits all day, I give him a bath which seems to do the trick.

Mysterious injury. Pita was burned by someone when I put him out for bad behavior one night in the courtyard. Either he was burned then or maintenance workers blasted him accidentally when they power hose the buildings two years ago. I blogged about it, so I can recount the approximate dates if you wish.

Medical History: Pita is on a kidney diet. Medical records from the Bonanza Pet Hospital is available upon request.

Once again. If you fid that you can not take care of Pita, please return him to me. Pita should not spend time in a shelter, just because he had an odd personality.

Yours truly,

Ashanti Miller


I’ll give her a month. Or two months. Pita takes time to show his worst behavior.


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