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Sharkey-Pita 2000-2011

Pita died in my arms at the vet tonight of acute renal failure. It was all my fault. I gave him a bath yesterday afternoon and he fell into a catatonic state. He partially recovered by the next morning after a night of Katherine Hepburn movies ending with Bringing Up Baby. He had been inching toward me between consciousness and I finally found him curled up in my lap at 5am.
When I syringe fed him, breakfast, he went into shock again an spent a day at the vet on observation. I insisted on hanging around in the lobby this time until we could bot be seen and at 5pm, Dr. Steelman called me into a mourining room with Pita wrapped up in a blanket stating that he will not make it. Pita was staring into space and gasping for breath. He couln’t even acknowlege me. Dr. Steelman says Pita knew I was there but could not respond because his body temperature was so low he could not regualate it. Dr. Steelman left me with Pita to say my goodbyes and within the hour of children’s stories and songs, he was dead.
My only clue with a puddle of water on the floor which I set him aside to clean up. When I placed him on the counter I noticed that his jaw had slackened and his tongue thrust against his teeth. His eye’s held no life.
The veterinary assistant stated that his little heart was still beating, but the Dr. Steelman confirmed that he had gone. I would like to think that Pita left me as I told him the story of the Cat That Went to Heaven, but there is still a doubt that he was still alive when I left the office and he will freeze to death overnight. I don’t know. An hour or so after I returned home, I subconsciously heard his meow confirming his passing. Pita has crossed. His last gift of friendship to me was to die in my arms and not via euthanasia.
Thank you, Pita. I miss you so much. You will always have a place on my warm bed and in my heart. For you were and are truly my furry little gray husband.

Pleasant Journey, my Love,



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