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I’ve been doing Pita’s favorite activity all week: reading in bed. It seems a waste without him here to take advantage of it. The last time we read together is the day I almost put him to sleep fearing that he had not long to live after a bad night of indigestion and copious noise. When we returned home after I stopped halfway to the strange veterinarian when I realized I was being bullied by the neighbors for the noise, I curled up angrily and defiantly with a book.
Pita cautiously approached and did not settle in his usual spot at my hip. Instead he curled up in the nautilus shape in my bent arm between my face and my book. It was pretty tough reading, but I took it as an apology for being so rambunctious the night and weeks before.

….Now I think he meant: “I won’t trouble you much longer.” Ten days later he was dead :*(

Sixth Song of the Housekeeper
She’s sure to starve, 
She won’t grow fat, 
No dinner tempts
Our little cat!
All day I follow, 
All day I cry, 
“Come, pussy come, pussy,”
As she goes by. 
But will she starve, 
She won’t grow fat, 
It’s always that painting
She’s looking at.
All day I grieve
To here her cry,
“Miaou, miaou,”
As I go by!
I’m sorry, Pita :*(

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