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Turn back, Dick Whittington, Turn Back

Whittington worked happily for a time as a servant and even befriended his master’s daughter until one day a valuable necklace went missing. With the blame laid on him, Whittington fled to the Barbary coast and served the Sultan who held him and his ca in high regard for Puss, aptly rid the palace of rats.
Puss’ deeds earned Whittingon a handsome reward in jewels and silks some of which Whittington used to pay for the missing necklace that he did not take. The family humbly declined to gift when once again, Puss found the true thief: a pack rat πŸ™‚

There are many tales of clever cats who have won fortunes for their rags to riches. Puss n’ Boots being the most famous, but Dick Whittington’s Cat is the English favorite.

Dick Whitting went on to be an important sumptuous cloth trader and the mayor of London, the aforementioned city with streets paved with gold. As a historical figure, it has not known Whittington ever had a pet, however, this tale of his brave Puss as a metaphor of good fortune tales, is often told in pantomime theatre every Christmas season in England.

Good night, Pita πŸ™‚


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