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Pita’s Previous People Speak at Last

She emails at last. The previous owner of Pita contacts me at last.
After emailing for two weeks she finally gets back to me via Facebook. Facebook, the only site where a friend’s email is constant. So despite detailed emails of Pita’s method of death, she is clueless how she died.

I’ve been wondering if Pita’s previous owners had been mad at me, since they probably think I am a rotten cat mom since Pita lost considerable weight the first time he was given to me. I fed him, but he stopped eating as much as he ate with them. Later on in SF I noticed that Pita would overeat if I was working away from home too much and less when I was home more (unemployed). Pita over ate out of depression.

Later, the weight loss would be a symptom of CRF.

I have a world of experiences to tell her. However, it’s not the same as being there. Seeing Pita’s vacant eyes staring into space and the warning yowl as Dr. Stealman and I hovered over him. His body gasping for breath in it’s death throws and how he calmed down and though still gasping once the doctor left and I held him in my arms and began to sing and told him the story of the Cat Who Went to Heaven.


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