The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures


Pita, I imagine that you may have had a bad day with the 2nd wrathful deity, so let me comfort you with a story. Like the tortoise shell cat in Amelie, you love stories, so I have some for you to search through my psyche to read.

The House of 30 Cats


The Rabbi’s Cat.

The latter is about a talking cat like yourself. Only the rabbi’s son could understand his cat who advised him though the growing pains of life. After a while the cat could no longer be understood. I forgot the catalyst for this misfortune, but I believe it had to do with an insult to God of Abraham. The cat was still a comfort to the Rabbi and his family regardless and they enjoyed many adventures in Paris and their home in Algeria together.

Be respectful of the all the deities you encounter, dear pet. Don’t meow in tantrums so much.

Good night, Pita šŸ™‚


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