The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Patrick Bubo

I’m making myself available for the
infinite number of other animals who need a home.

-Francine Brevetti

Meet Bubo!
His interim name was Pat because the person who found him could not determine his gender. Now that it is known he’s male and now my kitty friend, his name is Bubo. He looks like an owl, so I named him after Athena’s owl.

Pita was a talker, Bubo is a rubber. Both insist on company at mealtimes. I had to cocoon myself in in blankets after feeding him this morning in order to get a few more winks of sleep, but as you see at 7:15am I have lost the battle 🙂

Enjoy the pics.

Jellicle cats are black and white
Jellicle cats are rather small
Jellicle cats are merry and bright
And pleasant to hear when we caterwaul

Actually, Bubo is about the same size as Pita was, except in girth at peak health.
Anyhoo, I’m going to introduce Bubo to the garden today. TTFN!


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