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Acting for Men Part 5: Poseidon

Mom always liked you best is the life mantra for Poseidon. Unhappy with his lot as ruler of the seas, Poseidon made a career out of stealing land from Zeus’ children and holding grudges.
Why Poseidon isn’t seen as the Devil and Hades is, goes beyond my intellect as far as actions go. Poseidon is the one with the inferiority complex that drives him to complete violently with other gods and people. Poseidon is the sore loser who floods cities when loses a competition, it is Poseidon who holds grudges that lasts for generations, and it is Poseidon who rapes out of an urge to dominate.
Three types of people come to mind when I think of Poseidon:

Saddam Hussein (or the U.S. when it pursues oil)

Stalin ( for the extermination of the Romanov bloodline)

ike Turner ( conquering women through rape and martial rape)

Then again, there is a calm side the god and his archetype. I know the sweetest Poseidon in the world who has all of Poseidon’s bad triaits sans the violence and grudges.
This person is prone to chronic depression and is never satisfied with his accomplishments. Life will not be good enough for him until he has an SUV, a beach house and a blonde wife to complete the package.

Poseidon can be satiated…to a point. He is happiest deep inside his realm where the things he covets are not within sight. He’s a brooder like Hades, but unlike the underworld king who rarely leaves his realm, Poseidon has to visit the surface and often.

I think my friend’s archetypal disposition is tempered with Hephaestus for he is a brilliant artist, therefore you get a watery pillar of strength, who withdraws into his special realm to calm his emotions. This is what I call a nice man of sea and an all around good” Posi”. A catch.
Posi= husband Don( Dan) the name of the pre-Olympian Earth Goddess, Husband to the Earth Goddess. Dan was in charge but Poseidon purpose was to fertilizer her. The triton is a triple phallic symbol. Hence the reason why Posi’s such a wild oat sower!

I can’t get over coverup of Poseidon’s dark side until I read Bolen’s book. The human psyche is a strange entity, it is perfectly willing to imbue all of its fear, accusation and hatred on an innocent Hades based on appearance, quite dispostion and location, yet allows an ill-tempered, pillaging, rapist, who parallel’s the god of war, just because he’s handsome, transparent and lives in a beautiful blue-green world. The whole scenario smacks of how the 6’oclock news exploits minority neighborhoods in its quest for crime coverage to fill fhe Bleeds it Leads quota and ignores the same crimes that are happening in the white collar part of town. The fear of the unknown always prevails. It’s so disturbing that Hades has such bad PR.

Grrrrr…Anyway here are the examples:

Emotional topsy-turvy tidal-time, nature-man Poseidon in cartoons is:

The Evil Count ( from the Point)

Chief Blue Meanie

Bianca Dupree ( Beverly Hills Teens)

Pizzazz (Jem and Holograms)

Golobulous ( G.I. Joe the Movie-animated)

Posi as good guy in animation:)


Marco of Porco Rosso ( representing Poseidon’s reclusive aspect which is happiest in his realm. It is similar to Hades, but Maro’s hideout is not a fantasy world, it’s just hidden)

Impulsive, vengeful, insecure, horny, turbulent Poseidon on live-action is:

Commodus (Gladiator)

Sarumon of Lord of the Rings

Passive Poseidon as a good guy in live action

Steve Addington of Surfer, dude

Jaques Cousteau

A happy Poseidon is someone who has finally found peace with what he has. If he could only see that planet Earth is planet ocean and the size of and value of his domain is nothing to sneeze at.

I’m a bit out of ideas for Poseidon right now. But basically, Poseidon is lives in any character in a story who is an evil conqueror who can be reformed or jealous second brother. I’ll return to this post later and provide more examples as they come to me. I guess I don’t watch too many military and sea adventures with Poseidon archetypes. That’s pretty odd for me, seeing how I simply love surfers and enjoy nautical adventures.

Go fig.


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