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Acting for Men Part three: Apollo and Hermes

Apollo and Hermes

It’s time for the girls favorite. The two princes. No spousal abuse, no flakey non-commitment issue, no question of success rate. it’s all rainbows day after day with there two archetypes right?
Nothing is promised in this world. Apollo is the golden boy favorite son of God-Daddy Zeus and Heres is his mischievous shadow of a little brother. Apollo is “the catch” Ivy league, good provider, does everything right. Apollo has all the answers, is very reliable and gets all the breaks. Hermes however, is not as fortunate, has to work a little harder for his rewards even if it’s by illegal means, yet has all the charm.
You see these two reflected a lot in comedy duos where are supposed to like both characters. They’re a staple in stories written by women or have the female audience in mind:

Tulio and Miguel of the Road to El Dorado

Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley ( Ron had some Hephaestus insecurities, but he offset them with charm)

Bert and Ernie

and my favorites

Cutter and Skywise of Elf Quest!

Wendy Pini like many female authors who want some success with their work, made the main characters male in order to promote the female supporting cast who really make up the theme of the story. In true female fashion, she didn’t create two losers that no circle of women would allow in their midst without making significant change.

Hephaestus: “There’s a hole the bucket. Dear Liza. Dear Liza.


Cutter the Apollo leads his family of Wolfrider elves away from human persecution and discover a whole world of other elves the Wolfriders never knew existed. This inspires him on an existential quest to find the ancient ancestors of all the elves of the world of Two Moons. On his quest, he learns that not all humans are bad not elves good. As “Apollo” searches for fulfillment his “Hermes” cousin Skywise is always fighting by his side with scathing wit.

Apollo the God
Apollo is the son of Zeus and the Leto the Titan. Apollo was a difficult birth for Hera as usual was intent on causing Leto as much pain as possible for coupling with husband. Again, Hera is too much of trog to recognize the vice in her own spouse.
Artemis, Apollo’s twin who was born first midwived the birth the two were in inseparable as the golden Sun and silver Moon ever since. Apollo was the administer of law and virtue. His harsh judgement comes in swift and painless with the strike of an arrow. He is the most important save Zeus in the Olympian pantheon.

Apollo the archetype

Excels at everything. Never goes against tradition or the wishes of his family. Good provider and all around stick in the mud unless something comes around to challenge him. Being the square jawed princely hero is where Apollo shines. He never picks up a sword though, he prefers to be a high powered admin. Therefore, Apollo characters like Prince Valiant channel a bit of Ares when they fight for their maiden’s honor.
Apollo also have a dark side. He can be so self-righteous that becomes a shadow. When Artemis found the one man she loved, Orion. Apollo tricked his sister into killing him with a target practice challenge. Artemis thought hit a distant rock in the center of lake as challenged by Apollo. To her horror, the rock turned out be Orion who was enjoying a swim.
A good example of the dark side of Apollo who sees the world in only his way, is Rayek the opposite of Cutter in Elf Quest.

Apollo in Animation
You can find Apollo in every Disney Feature Animation prince

Mickey Mouse

Goku Kakarrot

Superman ( with a touch of Hephaestian humilty)

Batman (with Hades)

Captain Britain

Roy Foker

Rick Hunter

Duke (G.I. Joe)

Flint (G.I. Joe)

Cyclops (X-men)

Tamaki (a silly Apollo, but still an Apollo by rank)

Johnny Quest

Yuki Sohma


Spike Speigel

Apollo Villains

Serpentor ( he ruled under Golubulous)



Darth Vader

Sesshomaru ( with Dionysus)


Hermes the god was born of lesser goddess and Zeus. Within hours of his birth, Hermes proved his trickster nature by stealing his older brother Apollo’s cattle and once hidden, he zipped back to his bassinet and played innocent. When Apollo complained, Zeus roared with laughter and took pride in his beta ranked son who showed the alpha son who was getting too full of himself, that he had competition!

Archetype of Hermes
Charmer, trickster, clever little shit. He Apollo with an edge and irresistible to women who love a challenge. To such a woman, Apollo would be the reliable husband and Hermes would be the paramour…

Nasty of me huh?

Hermes can also be a that successful unattainable witty guy. Sex and the City’s “Mr. Big” is Hermes to a tee. Aidan was the reliable Apollo, but Carrie needed more than just a nice guy. She needed a dashing scoundrel to match her sharp wit. Berger was close, but he was a Hermes-Hephaestus who was threatened by her success. Baryshinikov was a charming Hades who sucked Carrie into his world thus causing her to abandon her own. Carrie is a Persephone, but Athena and Aphrodite run strong through her vein as well and they’re not going live under anyone’s rule for long (especially Aphrodite). As it happened, after much searching for Mr. Right, only Mr. Big (Hermes-Zeus) fit the bill.

Hermes in live-action

Cary Grant

Danny Zuko ( Bad Boy with a heart of gold)

Hermes in animation. Where is portrayed in his trickster form.

Bug Bunny

Pink Panther ( in the Pink Phink)

Woody Woodpecker

Popeye the Sailor

Baloo the Bear

The Tramp of Lady and the Tramp

Hermes Heroes


The Flash

Night Crawler

Kyoya ( Kyoya behaves like an Apollo but his rank is Hermes. Also, he has a dark side the resembles Hermes in a dark prince mode. See my the post under my sister blog, HipChick Comics; Misandry)

Ranma Saotome

Lupin III

Hermes animation bad guys:

Starscream (80’s Chris Latta)

Coba Commander (80’s Chris Latta)

Apollo the Hero and Hermes the sidekick-trickster and Mr. Cool. It seems this duo is a dynamic of the past with our fast growing Prozac Nation. These two stellar princes no longer reflect the animation audience which is rather sad. I think it started with the success of Dumb and Dumber. I remember that my college roommate was so disgusted with the trend that she refused to see the merits of Forest Gump. ” I am against the trend that it’s cool to be stupid.” In contrast another friend of mine who is a television animation director claims that virtuous characters aren’t funny. I forgot to counter his argument that Bugs Bunny is very funny but he’s no loser. However, Bugs is considered a “vintage” cartoon character by Generation Y. How unfortunate. At least Apollo and Hermes still exist in action-adventure and anime of all genres. The more the animation industry caters to the it’s ok to be violent or stupid belief, the more I am convinced that although I am still geek enough for animation as an art, I’m really am too old to watch cartoons.


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