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Cinematography Revisions: Opening Scenes

I have a habit of locking down my camera when boarding. This is an obsolete technique that is rarely seen outside of pre-school shows. What was good for Soleil Rocketship is inappropriate for Detour Thru Your Mind. The opening of ‘Detour starts out with a pan. I’ve been advised that I need to make my boards more cinematic, so the pan is a no-no. What I HAVE noticed is that when films open and characters are being shown off at a party or in a musical setting, the camera pushes INWARD or though the scene, if you will. Not across it.
I’m using the truck from Yankee Doodle Dandy to revise the opening. If that doesn’t work, I’ll consider the camera work in The Great Ziegfeld and other films.

Here’s Yankee Doodle Dandy. Note how the camera pans up then across as the two ladies move to the right and then pushes through the crowd to reveal Cagney. This will be a good set up for Fred who is shown mooning over a puppy at an art opening.


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