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Happy 53rd, Madonna!

Happy 53rd Madonna.
To continue the tradition I started last year, I have uploaded a daily of Dear Jesse. This film is almost done! I get better ideas as the years go by with this experimental piece. Corny warned that this was an epic and it is taking me about as long as it him to finish his own final film to complete. Sometimes it takes a bit of life experience to think up suitable bits for the shots. There is a sticky bit with Soleil at the end of the pan that I am going to animate a revision for. I’ll just animate it and if it doesn’t work well, call it a nice little out-take. At the start of the film I will change the title card to an animated one with Jesse changing into different characters of the stories he tells and have it hook up with the establishing shot.
That should complete the film nicely. If not, well, perhaps I should just let Dear Jesse go and move on. I need to get serious about Detour Thru Your Mind. The band is getting on in age and I would like for the B52’s to see themselves in Fleischer-De Carlo glory before they bounce off the satellites to other realms.


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