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Proof That I Am Not Worthless

This recession is pretty scary. So scary that I will conquer my greatest intellectual fear and try to become a math teacher. No one fires the math teacher. Math and I finally came to an understanding in college and we’re pretty good friends now in the CGI realm. However, I felt pretty darn worthless as a teenager bringing home the only “C” or “D” on my report card in algebra.
I’ve overcome a number of hurdles in life but always used art as a crutch which isn’t working anymore. Art still makes me happy, but it can no longer be used to keep a roof over my head. So, off I go to take the CBEST and become a math teacher, hopefully at an arts based high school, hopefully at my alma mater SOTA San Francisco. With that said, I hope the following documentation and endorsements will impress the hiring staff. Most of all, I hope they’ll remind how much I am worth as I enudure my darkest hours.


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