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Using Reference

I am referencing the cinematography from Yankee Doodle Dandy for the opening of Detour thru your Mind. I was on the fence about doing this for quite sometome until the following three occurrences:

  1. My director at Storytime Pictures telling me that referencing staging is alright so long and all novice filmmakers do so, for that how you learn cinematography
  2.  Disney Feature’s use of film reference for Beauty and Beast, Aladdin and the Hunchback of Notre Dame in various shots
  3.  Recruiters who constantly tell me that my boards need to be more cinematic.

Therefore, I am swallowing my pride and doing as the Romans do.

I think the result is a much stronger opening. I even included my characters from HipChick Comics. I think Tuner Classic Movies had an animated station ID similar to this set up, so I am not alone in referencing this cinematographer. Perhaps this very cinematographer referenced someone else? Who knows. I just hope the end result justifies the means.

It’s a mess now, and yes I am aware that the shot is a continuous camera movement and not a series of cuts as shown in the board. I should be able to sort everything out in layout. We’ll see. This is my project for the semester as I teach my students. I find that I am more sympathetic to their pain when I am working projects of my own. Detour Through Your Mind has 3 scenes completed thanks to the company of my students. Love you guys.
Let the fall 20111 semester begin!


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